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New Class Offering: Sacred Contracts

It is believed that we negotiate with 12 Archetypes before birth to help us learn the lessons we are meant to learn in this lifetime. We have a sacred contract with them. “Archetypes" are the architects of our lives. They are the energy companions through which we learn to understand ourselves.

These psychological and emotional patterns-how we live and who we love-can lead us to a profound understanding of our purpose.” (from the work by Caroline Myss)

Let's discover yours through deep discussion and FUN! This is powerful and helpful work. In this upcoming class, we'll also learn to solve problems using the archetypes.

We need some time for this work. This class will meet: May 7, from 9am-12pm; May 14, from 9am-12pm; and, May 20, from 10am-1pm.

Class sessions will meet at 3649 Cedarview Court in Bettendorf, Iowa. No text book is needed; just bring a notebook. RSVP to

Cost: $250 check, cash, or PayPal. Some insurance companies will pay for this (just ask) and you may pay in two installments. The Scholarship Fund is also available for those in financial need.


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