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Shamanic Services

Special Holiday Prices
November-December on selected services

Soul Retrieval

Often we do not know what we need but suspect we need healing . The shaman does not pretend to know what you need either. So, a journey is taken to spirit, and spirit knows what you need, takes us to the event causing “soul loss,” and is told exactly what was lost. The missing piece is returned to you.

Power Animal Retrieval

Our power animals may choose to leave us. When they do, it results in a loss of power. A power animal retrieval restores power to the client.

Our life challenges are also manifested in the symbolism of our animals. This animal brings gifts and strengths. These will add particular assistance to the client in her / his life. This can be great fun for businesses, groups, parties.


Anubis: in honor of the Egyptian protector we discover our innate symbol that protects us

  • from those who drain our energy,

  • from negative energies and

  • from our own lack of boundaries in relationships and as we move into the world.


We sweep away what has taken the place of this shield!

Spiritual Intrusions

Misplaced spirits may enter a person who has suffered soul loss or the loss of a power animal.

These spirits are not evil but are simply in the wrong place. The spiritual intrusion is usually manifested in the form of a localized pain or illness,

In this process of extraction, the Shaman removes the intrusion and puts it back into nature where it is neutralized.

This work is done in three consecutive days, assuring clearing has occurred.

Power Animals

The power animal is also known as the totem, spirit animal, familiar, or your medicine. Each of us has one or more power animals who've helped us.

These animals are in the spirit world and represent our specific gifts and powers. Discovering your power animal is enjoyable and empowering!

Knowing power animals creates harmony in the world: harmony with Nature and with each other.

Divination / Spiritual Readings

This is the process of foretelling the future or getting information about the unknown through Shamanic journeying. The Shaman journeys on behalf of clients to gain information and insight about issues or situations affecting their lives.

This can be helpful in decision-making and goal setting. In this process, you present specific questions about your own life or relationships.

Divination can be effectively accomplished via email or during a phone session. Spiritual readings can put you in touch with ancestors for guidance or information.

House Clearings

If unwanted energies, uncomfortable feelings, exist in any dwelling, this can be a result of the presence of spirits who can be gently escorted away to a better place. House clearings accomplish this .

Soul Essence

Soul essence is the “picture” of your energy and how you may be “felt” and experienced by others in the world. Realizing this is empowering and very helpful as we move within groups and better capture our purpose.

In this process,  I journey for you and am given a picture that reflects your energy and how people feel around  you. I then draw this for you to keep.

I give you many, many words to describe yourself and your energy to deepen your understanding of self!

Compassionate Depossession

Some energies around us are not ours. We don't want them to run our life. Is something in your way?

There are real cases of spiritual possession. Most people can experience being 'overshadowed'--as if some 'thing' is in our way. Included in this are also thought forms.

This 'something' can be gently removed from your energy field. In compassionate depossession the Shaman escorts that spirit to the place it is meant to be.


Illumination  burns off negative energies or energies that are not needed in order to open us up to clarity of purpose.

We meet and I do this work for you.

Psychopomp Work

Psychopomp work involves assisting spirit to the other side. This can be helpful and reassuring after suicide, miscarriage, unexpected death through accident and natural disasters The process can involve finding information from the deceased for the purpose of comforting those left behind and still living in this reality.

Past Life Regression

Dr. Brian Weiss, MD, a graduate of Columbia University and Yale Medical School, and Chairman Emeritus of Psychiatry at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami, trained Kathleen in this alternative therapy  process.


As a woman with child is being pampered by friends and family for a special day, drumming will occur and calling in the Power Animal of the unborn to encourage and welcome the spirit and to assure safe passage.

Drum Circle Leader

Kathleen will lead a drum circle for special groups and/or on special occasions.

Gather your family and friends to generate good energy together with percussion.

Kathleen will bring instruments for your use, and you're also welcome to bring your own.

Call to schedule a special drum circle session.

Ma'at Experience

In Egyptian mythology, Ma’at  weighed the heart of the deceased on one end of her scales and the other held an ostrich feather. If the heart was as light as the feather, one could pass into afterlife realms.
Ma'at honors our lightness of being, rids us from heaviness, moves us graciously and gently forward on our path. We're not meant to be burdened with worrying, problems, pain, seriousness, the need to be right, carrying the problems of others.
We're meant to laugh, enjoy and leave seriousness aside periodically. 

Intuition Sessions

Choose as many as six questions on personal areas about which you'd like some insight.

You preferably provide these questions to Kathleen prior to the session. But that is not mandatory.

Intuition sessions last an hour.

Shamanic Reiki

Shamanism taps the power & energy of expanded spiritual realities and of nature to encourage harmony for individuals and communities. Reiki focuses the universal life force energy to restore balance for ourselves and others. Separately, shamanism and Reiki offer powerful ways to heal. When  combined, their powers are multiplied. Integrated Reiki with shamanic, intuitive, Earth honoring approaches support your personal healing journey, your work with others and with nature.

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