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Upcoming events at The Prairie Retreat Center 2024

March 16, 2024 9am-3pm


We will spend time finally moving you forward in doing something you have always wanted to do, but have hesitated due to time, money, lack of direction. This time spent committing yourself to yourself is truly priceless and empowering! We will work with the Four Directions in addressing the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional aspects of your Act of Power! We will be creating a Prayer Arrow for you to send your wishes out into the winds, where your guardians will assure its passage, This work is done yearly, so, if you have attended before, now is the time for another Act of Power!!


June 15, 2024 The Prairie 9am-3pm


Let us gather to learn the ancient wisdom of the Four Directions, reflecting the four areas of our life: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. We can discover where we spend most of our time and where we can begin to place some energy so that we are living in balance. This Sacred Wheel can be used, as well, for problem solving! As we learn to place ourselves in the center of the Wheel, we gather our strength and insight and and make life full of vitality. Please write down on separate slips of paper 3 concerns/problems you are having and we will learn what you need to improve anything difficult!


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