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Grow your intuition: Sign up today

We all have an intuitive strength but perhaps have never built our intuitive muscles. Kathleen Collins will teach you methods and give you practice in strengthening your intuitive skills in a workshop day. In this workshop, you will learn a powerful method to deepen your insight and trust yourself. Registration is now open at the Prairie Retreat Center in Wheatland, IA to participate in this day on Saturday, August 27 from 9am-4pm.

To participate in the activities of the day, bring these:

  • three photos of people with only one person in the photo (please know who they are);

  • three items that are not yours (jewelry, pens, etc.) and know something about the owner;

  • three questions you have in life.

Fee: $35, includes lunch. If you have any dietary restrictions, please register those needs with the Retreat Center three business days in advance of the event. To register, sign up online at the Prairie Retreat Center site or call 563-374-1092 by August 26.


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