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You’re most welcome to attend the AUTUMN EQUINOX GATHERING and FUNDRAISER FOR THE HOMELESS. Read on for all the information you’ll need to enjoy this event:

When: September 22, 1-4 PM

Where: Renwick Mansion, 901 Tremont, Davenport Iowa.

Why: To celebrate and honor the abundance in our lives, the harvest of our year and to share some of our prosperity with the homeless in this community.

What will happen: We will be drumming and rattling and journeying to power animals and spiritual teachers You can learn this while here. Bring a drum and rattle or any musical instrument if you have one. (There will be extras.) We will be outside if the weather permits. Bring a garbage bag to sit on in case it is damp. Time to hang out and talk and maybe find some other reasons to get together to empower our community.

What can you do: bring something like muffins to sell or a craft if you have one. Some proceeds could go to the homeless. If you do not do this, bring yourself to be in community. Maybe you can donate $10.

Who is facilitating this event: Kathleen Collins

Who is invited: Everyone. Bring family and friends.

Who receives the money gathered: Humility Homes and Services (homeless shelter and housing)


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