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New Class: Finding Your 12 Archetypes

Your 12 archetypes were created as a Sacred Contract before birth for the purpose of learning the lessons meant for you! This guided class is powerful work to assist you in learning more about yourself and your path. It is also FUN

We will use the work of Caroline Myss as our guide…(no need to buy her book, Sacred Contracts).

We will learn which of our archetypes we “lead” with and that each archetype comes to life at different times, as we need them!

To fulfill your divine potential and even to resolve the many issues of daily life, you must enlist a higher plane of consciousness. To be able to see symbolically, to act appropriately on your intuitions, takes practice. There is no more valuable contribution that you can make to your spiritual health than learning to understand your Sacred Contracts as written in your own archetypal language. Identifying your energy patterns helps you to gain a much greater vision of the meaning and purpose of many of your experiences and relationships. When you symbolically read the content of your life, you can make better choices.

Sacred Contracts are mystical, inner agreements we have with our life path and with certain people on our life path. These agreements are not logical. They are mystical, mysterious, and hidden within the subtle forces that govern our life. It’s so very enlightening to understand your life through the lens of Sacred Contracts and to be able to recognize the people in this life who are bonded to you through such a sacred agreement. Every one’s life looks profoundly different before and after understanding their Sacred Contracts.

Four sessions (these are all necessary parts):

September 26 2-5 PM

October 3   2-5   PM

October 17 2-5 PM

October 24 2-5 PM    COST: $  250.00

LOCATION: my place 3649 Cedarview, Bettendorf  IA                   

Please send deposit of $100.00 to the above address.

Questions?  Please call 563-3324361 or email

A simple snack and beverages will be offered.

Many insurance plans will cover this work. Ask me if I am a provider for yours!


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