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Enrich your life: The Shamanic Journey CommUniversity class

Register now to make your February memorable and life-enriching with a CommUniversity class. Join fellow life journeyers each of the four February Sundays in a class led by Rev. Kathleen Collins entitled “Down the Rabbit Hole: The Shamanic Journey.”

We enter non-ordinary reality for problem solving and healing. The “journey” is a most remarkable visionary method to explore the hidden universe known mainly through myth and dream. We will wake up dormant spiritual abilities, including connections with nature. We will find your Power Animal (that reflects your gifts and your path) and a spiritual teacher (to protect and guide you). Experiential.

CommUniversity Class

This course is just one of many offerings in the popular CommUniversity program at Saint Ambrose University in Davenport, IA. Registration is easy. This grant-supported program costs just $40–no matter which of the many offerings you choose. The first program of courses offered in 1980 attracted 350 participants. But, by 1999, it grew to 470 participants in 30 classes. Now, after so many successful years of education, CommUniversity attracts nearly 600 learners annually.

Kathleen will look forward to leading all participants in an enlightening and rewarding program of self-enrichment. Register early so that you won’t be disappointed.


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